CIOs Keeping Pace With Change?

A key finding of the 2013 survey results showed that CIOs were taking on significantly greater responsibilities, budgets, and challenges. Alluding to those findings in their 2013 CIO whitepaper, titled, “Healthcare’s Million Dollar Man,” the majority of CIOs reported demands on their performance increased 25 - 50 percent in the five years since HITECH.

The 2016 CIO survey shows there is no doubt in CIOs’ minds that their workload will continue to accelerate. The majority of CIOs are suggesting fatigue: 48 percent said they were concerned about their ability to keep pace with the change required of the role. This week’s installment on the CIO survey focuses on what the key demands are on the role, now and in the future, and how CIOs plan to keep pace with the change required of the role.

SSi-SEARCH 2016 CIO Survey asked, “Which areas take the majority of your time?” CIOs responded:

  • Meaningful use 2 - 55 percent
  • EHR optimization - 55 percent
  • Analytics initiatives - 43 percent

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