Role here to stay, but still being defined

March, 2015

This year’s survey, conducted in mid-2014, had 235 respondents who claimed the responsibilities of a CMIO, with 169 of them holding the actual title.

The picture of a ‘typical’ CMIO emerged as follows:

  • Male (87 percent)
  • Average tenure 4.5 yrs
  • 40 percent hold a master’s degree;
  • 100 percent hold an MD/DO;
  • Practices medicine one day per week or less
  • Earned $320,000 on last year’s W-2

The SSi-SEARCH annual CMIO study is not a compensation survey, though compensation is a key factor in the overall evolution of the role. We explore compensation (most recent W-2) from various perspectives, including tenure (experience in the role), level of education, and the practice of medicine. Finally, we also looked at the role gender may play.

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