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SSi-SEARCH Recognized As Top Executive Search Firm By National Healthcare

National Healthcare magazine recognized SSi-SEARCH as a Top Search Firm.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all our clients for their trust and the confidence they all place in us. Identifying and on-boarding the right leadership talent is a critically important ingredient of future success of any organization. "Success" in healthcare is defined more broadly than financial; we are grateful for the opportunity to particiapte in building mission driven teams that aim at transforming healthcare.

Your New CMO Is Not A Doctor

“Consumers” are slippery ones and they keep asking for things.

No single function should “own” responsibility for the patient experience. It is much too important to be left to the marketers, or to the clinicians, or to any single department. But the time has come for healthcare to pull up a chair for the Chief Marketing Officer, next to the Chief Medical Officer and the other CxOs and figure out together how everything the organization does focuses on the patient - and the patient experience – and not let them slip away. There is a new CMO at the table and she can help.

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Innovation Now

SSi-SEARCH has interviewed key health care leaders, mapping industry change to the impact on leadership and over the last decade.

These issues have been considered across industry and shared back to drive further dialogue and insight.

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