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Why everyone needs a video minute

Step by Step Instructions on Producing Your Video Minute

SSi-SEARCH frequently uses web based video during the interview process in addition to phone interviews and, when possible, face to face meetings. Video interviews can bring 75% - 90% of the same value as a face to face meeting with one exception: it removes the barriers of distance. This saves everyone time and money.

Following careful interviews, we create an Executive Profile for each candidate we present to our clients. Rather than conveying information to our clients, we like to present direct representations, such as your resume in its untouched format, and also a video of yourself that you create. These elements present a more objective presentation and one that is also more memorable.

Professionals remember:

  • 10% of what they read
  • 50% of what they see

Are you ready for your close-up?

Prepare yourself for the fact that a short 1 – 2 minute video will require you to be concise. You may want to create an outline of what you believe is important and then give yourself a trial run. You may decide for your content to follow one of a few main themes:

  1. Tour of your professional background as a chronological progression through your career;
  2. Snapshot of your relevant experience. For instance, your total years of experience, number of years in a specific leadership role, number of people and largest budget managed, and key, relevant objectives accomplished.

Your video can additionally include leadership qualities conveyed through examples of specific successes. Awards you have achieved may be referenced or publications to be mentioned to add substance.

Remember, the video minute will not allow for handshakes and the usual meeting transitions. You may want to wrap things up with a short summary or just a statement of interest and a thank you. Again, being concise will help create a great video minute. The most important thing you can do for your closeup: forget the camera and be yourself.

Visit for an example video inside of our introduction to SSi-SEARCH video.

How to create your video

Create your video by any means you prefer. You can use an i- Phone, webcam, video-recorder, or built-in video camera on your computer.

We recommend you render your video to your computer by saving it as a movie file, for instance, (.mov) and uploading it to YouTube. We recommend YouTube as an easy to use solution that can now also be used privately.

YouTube allows you to upload videos as unlisted to make your video private. You can share the direct link / URL with only those you wish making your video private.

Once you have completed uploading your video to YouTube, you can email the link to us.


Instructions on how to sign up for YouTube

Signing up for YouTube means creating a Google Account (

Instructions on how to upload your video to YouTube

There are handy tips at:

Please also visit for more information.

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