At the inception of the role, physicians were often referred to as an informatics leader or physician leader, without the benefit of a formal role structure, a playbook or even a title. Initially, the CMIO was recognized for being instrumental in building support for the EHR by helping their colleagues understand the impact that clinical information systems can have on patient care outcomes.

While the CMIO is relatively new, it is now generally seen as a key player in the successful deployment of an EHR, we asked, is there a long-term need for the CMIO? Results from the 2012 SSi-SEARCH survey of approximately 350 CIOs and CMIOs showed 92% responded that the role needs to be permanent.

Looking beyond the EHR deployment we will see a growing need for data-driven healthcare practices for value based care. This need creates a future career path for the CMIO in terms of analyzing and presenting data to clinicians. This is one more developing element in the industry creating high demand for the CMIO. The CMIO will continue to be considered of high strategic value in achieving the patient safety objectives of the health system.

Key Components of the Role

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