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The Top 3 Skills CIOs Need Now

CIOs faced a number of challenges over the past four years, sparked by the HITECH act - and they rose to meet the challenge. In what can be termed an ‘era of transformation’, the country went from approximately 1.5 percent of hospitals described as having a “comprehensive EHR” to approximately 81 percent of hospitals having now registered for EHR meaningful use reimbursements. While this has been a difficult and challenging time, it has also been an exciting time for our industry. In fact, we may be experiencing the greatest American transformation within healthcare that we will see in our lifetimes, and it is happening right in the CIO’s backyard.

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Clinical Involvement in Health Information Technology | Skill Assessment

1. Realistic self-assessment. The starting point to building your personal brand is self-awareness. Accurately gauging what you value, what motivates you, and what strengths you can share are key to self-assessment. Connecting that with what you do helps guide your career. Establish what your key strengths and your differentiators are for your industry. Understand what you can uniquely bring to the table; that is the key ingredient to understanding your brand. When you understand this, you can better articulate your strengths for a role during an interview process, and later, more effectively leverage your strengths on the job.

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