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Latest thinking from thought leaders in the healthcare industry.

Boston Consulting Group Paper: From Capability to Profitability

Boston Consulting Group show in their research report “From Capability to Profitability" (7/2012) that “companies that are highly capable in 22 key HR topics consistently enjoyed better economic performance than those less capable. In several topics, this correlation was striking - up to 3.5 times the revenue growth and as much as 2.1 times the average profit margin.”

Full Report (pdf)

Why everyone needs a video minute

Step by Step Instructions on Producing Your Video Minute

SSi-SEARCH frequently uses web based video during the interview process in addition to phone interviews and, when possible, face to face meetings. Video interviews can bring 75% - 90% of the same value as a face to face meeting with one exception: it removes the barriers of distance. This saves everyone time and money.

Following careful interviews, we create an Executive Profile for each candidate we present to our clients. Rather than conveying information to our clients, we like to present direct representations, such as your resume in its untouched format, and also a video of yourself that you create. These elements present a more objective presentation and one that is also more memorable.

Professionals remember:

  • 10% of what they read
  • 50% of what they see

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3 Steps to Creating a Personal Brand Strategy

Everything that you do or say contributes to your personal brand.

 Pamela Dixon , founder of SSi-SEARCH, discusses how to use your personal brand as a career magnet.

1. Realistic self-assessment.The starting point to building your personal brand is self-awareness. Accurately gauging what you value, what motivates you, and what strengths you can share are key to self-assessment. Connecting that with what you do helps guide your career. Establish what your key strengths and your differentiators are for your industry. Understand what you can uniquely bring to the table; that is the key ingredient to understanding your brand. When you understand this, you can better articulate your strengths for a role during an interview process, and later, more effectively leverage your strengths on the job.

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The Role of the CMIO in Healthcare

Tasked with leading the strategic positioning, implementation, and support of clinical systems, a Chief Medical Information / Informatics Officer (CMIO) is usually a practicing physician with a core understanding, if not formal training, in technology / informatics.

The CMIO must understand and translate physician needs while also translating the health system’s business and clinical initiatives as well as constraints. The CMIO must then communicate how the solutions, including CPOE and EMR, meet all of these needs. The CMIO is key to facilitating collaboration between IT and the clinical community and considered highly strategic to achieving the clinical objectives of the health system.

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