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Stanford University School of Medicine Wins 2nd Annual Pi2 Award for Provider Innovation in Informatics

Top award was presented at the iHealth Conference hosted by AMIA

Boston, Massachusetts, June 2015 - Stanford University School of Medicine captured the top spot and the Provider Innovation in Informatics Award, or Pi2 Award, at the iHealth Conference hosted by AMIA, May 28-29. The Pi2 Award (“The Pie Award” for short) was established in 2014 to highlight innovative work done by teams leveraging informatics in the healthcare provider environment and is supported by an educational grant from SSi-SEARCH.

The winning team takes home the honor as well as a monthly delivery of their favorite pie for a full year. This is an opportunity to celebrate the teams and individuals who innovate—and have fun doing it. Not to mention, enjoy some tasty pie in the process.

“The judges’ scoring was extremely close in the race for the top spot between Stanford and UPenn. After the presentation each finalist team said after they were sure the other team would win. It’s amazing how much effort people will go through for a year’s worth of free pie!” said Ross Martin, MD, MHA Vice President of Business Development for AMIA. A list of the outstanding finalists competing for the Pie Award follows:

Stanford Medicine

Sumbul Desai, MD, lead the presentation of ClickWellCare: A Virtual Primary Care Clinic by Stanford Medicine.

  • TEAM LEADER: Sumbul Desai
  • TEAM MEMBERS: Lauren Cheung, Casey Grimes, Tiffany Leung, Jyotika Rattia, Eric Theisen

Instead of using telemedicine solely as a means for augmenting traditional primary care or as a same-day urgent care modality disconnected from a patients’ health system, Stanford developed a virtual clinic that delivers primary care services primarily though virtual modalities, using brick and mortar interactions when needed and clinically appropriate.

University of Pennsylvania Health System

UPenn’s work was lead by Subha L. Airan-Javia, MD, Assistant CMIO and named Leveraging Technology To Improve Clinical Care Through the Creation of a Mobile Patient Dashboard

  • TEAM LEADER: Subha L. Airan-Javia
  • TEAM MEMBERS: David Do, Glenn Fala, William C Hanson III, Rob Hossain, Damien Leri, Colleen Mallozzi, Rich Urbani

Carelign is an internally developed mobile web application that provides real time, patient data in a clinically oriented fashion for healthcare providers. Data is gathered from nine different clinical information systems (inpatient, outpatient, ED, lab, radiology and more) in the University of Pennsylvania Health System and integrated into one seamless mobile display.

Mayo Clinic

Joel Gordon, MD, ABPM lead the Mayo Clinic presentation of iNEED, Individualized Needs Evaluation and Expertise Development Program, which is a Mayo Clinic Health System-EMR User Investigation and Improvement Project.

  • TEAM LEADER: Joel Gordon
  • TEAM MEMBERS: Jordon Coffey, Kathy Heiderscheit, Katie Looft, Brenda Martin

iNEED is a unique, systematic, individualized assessment targeting clinical providers to increase efficiency in leveraging the electronic health record (EHR). This patented, vendor agnostic program consists of two parts: assessment and expertise development.

SSi-SEARCH, leading, retained executive search firm focused exclusively on next-generation healthcare leadership is co-creator and exclusive sponsor of the award. Managing Partner Pamela Dixon: “we are delighted the award can shine a light on the innovative work of these teams. AMIA attracts some of the brightest and most talented people in the industry and it is truly an honor to partner with them. Our thanks for providing the stage for this important work to be shared.”

The AMIA Provider Innovation in Informatics (Pi²) Award (“the pie award” for short) recognizes physician/nurse leaders and their teams for improving the quality of healthcare delivery—in their institutions and beyond—through the innovative application and dissemination of informatics-related solutions.

The Pi² Award recognizes significant achievement in a field that is tasked with materially improving the nation’s delivery of healthcare, a very serious undertaking. This is an opportunity to celebrate the teams and individuals who innovate—and have fun doing it.

The innovations they demonstrate may be in the form of internally developed solutions that have broader application or novel and extraordinarily effective applications of existing (commercial) solutions.

Get Ready For Next Year!


  • Leaders from the finalist teams (a maximum of four) will receive an invitation to participate in the iHealth CMIO/CNIO pre-conference workshop
  • Leaders from the finalist teams who participate in the CMIO/CNIO pre-conference workshop will receive a complimentary registration to attend the iHealth Conference.
  • All applicants are encouraged to bring their team members with them to the iHealth conference and will receive a discount code for all team members to receive $100 off our normal registration rates.

Award Criteria

  • The Pi² Award is for providers—physicians, nurses and other clinical informatics leaders.
  • The Pi² Award will be awarded to a team, not an individual.
  • The team leader should be a CMIO, CNIO or other clinically focused informatics leader (such as a Chief Transformation Officer, Chief Quality Officer or other leader)
  • The “team” will include the leader’s direct reports, up to a maximum of eight team members in total.

Submission Instructions

Submit the following information to AMIA in a Word or PDF document via email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. on or before close of business March 13, 2016.

  1. Project name
  2. Organization name and location
  3. Team leader name and contact information
  4. Team member names (up to seven)
  5. Project goal
  6. Description (1000 words or less) of the technology or informatics intervention, implementation and workflow change, including alignment with organizational strategy and measurable benefit (if any)
  7. A one-page nomination letter that highlights the characteristics listed under "Criteria"
  8. The lead candidate’s CV, resume or full bio
  9. The name and contact information of the person making the nomination, accompanied by up to five names and signatures supporting the nomination.

Eligibility Criteria for a Pi² nominated team

  • Be led by a healthcare provider with a recognized practice degree (e.g., M.D., D.O., R.N., PharmD)
  • Have demonstrated significant achievement in the employment of clinical informatics and related fields and in two or more of the following areas:
  • - Leadership and Executive Performance
  • - Patient care / Quality focus / Process improvement
  • - Innovative use of technology
  • Participate in the pre-conference workshop and attend the iHealth Conference to receive the commendation.
  • Winners must be present to win and the team lead may accept the award and offer brief remarks. Finalists and winners will be selected by the Provider Members represented on the iHealth Program Planning Committee.

Questions about submissions?

Jeffrey J. Williamson, M.Ed., AMIA VP of Academic Affairs and Education, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Ross D. Martin, MD, MHA., AMIA VP of Policy and Development, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Decision Process:

Members of the Provider Members represented on the iHealth Program Planning Committee may nominate an individual or a team but cannot, in such a case, participate further in the decision process.

The lead of the winning recipient must attend the iHealth Conference, the pre-conference CMIO/CNIO workshop and the award presentation during the conference.

The award sponsor, SSi-SEARCH, has no involvement in the selection process, but may encourage providers in their network to apply.

About the Sponsor SSi-SEARCH

SSi-SEARCH works with the nation’s leading health systems in the recruitment of high impact leadership that fuels Innovation, such as Chief Information Officer, Chief Medical Information Officer, Chief Transformation Officer, and Chief Medical Officer. The company recruits leadership that can lead change, innovate and transform healthcare. Find out more about SSi-SEARCH at

The Pi² Award

SSi-SEARCH is the exclusive sponsor of the Pi² Award. The Award has been created to recognize physician/nurse leaders and their teams for improving the quality of healthcare delivery—in their institutions and beyond—through the innovative application and dissemination of informatics-related solutions. Read more about this progressive award recognizing outstanding achievement in informatics, and how to enter or nominate someone today.

What is iHealth ?

iHealth is for clinicians and healthcare execs who get it. Applied informatics is the change we’ve been seeking for a system that scatters information in inaccessible places, costs too much, and keeps patients and clinicians in the dark.

iHealth is about what works. And what doesn’t. iHealth is about solutions created and refined in the real world that make health care better.

iHealth is about the answers … capture iNFORMATION about the iNDIVIDUAL and apply iNFORMATICS to create iNTELLIGENCE that drives iNNOVATION to radically iMPROVE health care.

Who needs iHealth?

C-suite, decision makers, strategic planners, clinicians charged with understanding the big picture, improving outcomes and lowering costs.

Bottom-line analysts, managers and physician/nurse executives transforming the business and practice of healthcare delivery.

iHealth is for financially accountable executives who need move the margins in ways that only operational informatics can drive.

iHealth is ideal for CMIO/CNIOs seeking to deepen the information base feeding critical decision-making by their teams and clinicians.

iHealth is an essential element in the Applied Clinical Informaticians’ tool box for those leaders who want to make system investments that produce measureable results.

The iHealth Program Planning Team has unmatched expertise. The schedule includes 21 educational sessions, thought leader luncheons, keynote and plenary sessions and optional Illumination Preconference tutorials.

 Call: 404-307-4965

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