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The creation of knowledge supports the core mission of SSi-SEARCH: helping our clients achieve distinctive, lasting, and substantial performance improvements through the acquisition of the right, talented leaders.

SSi-SEARCH Recognized As Top Executive Search Firm By National Healthcare

National Healthcare magazine recognized SSi-SEARCH as a 2015 Top Search Firm.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all our clients for their trust and the confidence they all place in us. Identifying and on-boarding the right leadership talent is a critically important ingredient of future success of any organization. "Success" in healthcare is defined more broadly than financial; we are grateful for the opportunity to particiapte in building mission driven teams that aim at transforming healthcare.

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2016 CIO Survey Results - 2nd of 3 Articles

CIOs Keeping Pace With Change?

A key finding of the 2013 survey results showed that CIOs were taking on significantly greater responsibilities, budgets, and challenges. Alluding to those findings in their 2013 CIO whitepaper, titled, “Healthcare’s Million Dollar Man,” the majority of CIOs reported demands on their performance increased 25 - 50 percent in the five years since HITECH.

The 2016 CIO survey shows there is no doubt in CIOs’ minds that their workload will continue to accelerate. The majority of CIOs are suggesting fatigue: 48 percent said they were concerned about their ability to keep pace with the change required of the role. This week’s installment on the CIO survey focuses on what the key demands are on the role, now and in the future, and how CIOs plan to keep pace with the change required of the role.

SSi-SEARCH 2016 CIO Survey asked, “Which areas take the majority of your time?” CIOs responded:

  • Meaningful use 2 - 55 percent
  • EHR optimization - 55 percent
  • Analytics initiatives - 43 percent

Check out the full report.

2016 CIO Survey Results - 1 of 3 Articles

Gender gap remains in compensation, education -- but improving year over year

December 23, 2014

The role of the healthcare chief information officer is evolving rapidly, according to the annual CIO survey by executive search firm SSI-SEARCH. Its results show an increase in the number of female CIOs, more professionals earning advanced degrees and changes in compensation.

The purpose of the CIO study is to track a variety of factors to observe how the CIO role is evolving. In 2013, the results of the annual CIO whitepaper were published under the subtitle “Healthcare’s Million Dollar Man,” exploring how life has changed sinceHITECH for the CIO.

The snapshot of a ‘typical’ CIO emerged from 2014 survey data of 169 CIO-titled respondents showed the following:

  • Male (75 percent)
  • College degree (97 percent)
  • Graduate degree (73 percent)
  • $288,000 was the average compensation on 2013 W-2

Read more: Healthcare IT News: Healthcare CIOs hit with big change

2016 CIO Survey Results - 3rd of 3 Articles

CIOs Focus on Greater Strategic Focus

In this third article, we look more closely at how greater strategic alignment might be achieved and, also, what drives the CIO.

In response to the question “What do you believe would facilitate greater strategic involvement?” 50% answered “Executive exposure.” As follow-up to that, we asked “are you actively engaged in discussions with the key executives to determine what technologies can be used to help the organization achieve its strategic priorities?” and 51% responded “Yes, highly engaged” and 38% responded “Routinely engaged.”

We also specifically asked, are there strategic initiatives that CIOs believed they should be involved, but were not. The top three answers were:

  • Population Health 39%
  • Analytics Initiatives 29%
  • Consumer Projects 15%

Check out the full report.

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