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Who We Are: The difference between SSi-SEARCH and other search firms is that our searches are launched with great precision based on front line knowledge and, therefore, can move much more quickly. Every engagement is led by an industry insider. Our clients work with only one person throughout the search process. A small team works behind the scenes to ensure that a broad net is cast at the very onset of each search leveraging an array of social media tools hosted by SSi-SEARCH. Others work diligently on vetting, on referrals and recommendations. This makes all the difference to our clients. They experience a seamless process starting with the way a project is understood, launched and finished, all with minimum downtime.

Pamela Dixon

Co-Founder and Managing Partner

 (404) 307-4965

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With 20 years of direct experience in healthcare, Pamela founded the firm on the principle that a direct understanding of the healthcare IT industry would produce superior results in executive search. As part of this commitment, the firm conducts ongoing research which is the subject of numerous articles that she has authored, including the evolution of the CIO, CMIO and related strategic roles. Pamela oversees the firm's position in the healthcare IT marketplace and works closely with clients and SSi-SEARCH team members to ensure delivery of business commitments on all client engagements. Pamela's prior experience includes working hand-in-hand with national healthcare leadership on the strategic advancement of electronic health records across the country with both providers and suppliers, including VHA and Cerner. This direct understanding of the challenges facing healthcare continues to serve as a hallmark of the firm and a driver of its success. Pamela holds two BA degrees.

 Call: 404-307-4965

 email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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